Issuing the NCAGE codes for Korean Companies

The process for foreign users to get NCAGE codes for Korean companies is
as follows:

  1. 1Foreign Users
  2. 4Korean Companies
  3. 5D2B*
  4. 2NSPA (by NCRT*)
  5. 73NCB KOR
  6. 6KDSIS*
* D2B :
Korea on-line e-procurement system for Defense acquisition to Buyers
Korea Defense Standard Information System
* NCRT :
NCAGE Code Request Tool (
  1. 1Request for NCAGE codes by NCRT
  2. 2Send the request to NCB KOR
  3. 3Request for information submission for the codes issuance
  4. 4Upload information for the codes
  1. 5Request for issuing the codes automatically
  2. 6Report the codes
  3. 7Registering the NCAGE codes to the NSPA
  • If you would like to issue NCAGE codes for Korean companies, please request it by e-mail to the person(NCB KOR) in charge below: