Military Airworthiness Mutual Recognition

Korea-US Military Airworthiness Mutual Recognition Case

  • Background : 
    The US military airworthiness authority requested mutual recognition to verify the airworthiness of a foreign military aircraft to ensure flight safety when US military members board foreign military aircraft during combined exercises such as Korea-US Combined Exercise and training.
U.S. Department of Defense Directive(DoDD 5030.61) / MAY 24, 2013

US military aviation authorities shall verify and approve the airworthiness certification procedures of the relevant country
in advance when US Department of Defense personnel board a foreign military aircraft

  • Performing a pre-inspection of each aircraft for boarding of a US military member is mandatory unless the sovereign nation’s military airworthiness authority of the aircraft has already signed the military airworthiness mutual recognition certificate with the US military airworthiness authority.
  • Historically, followed by the Iraqi military aircraft crash during a US-Iraq combined exercise, the US military introduced pre-flight safety assessment system for boarding a foreign military aircraft by US military members
  • Signing the Korea-US Miltary Airworthiness Mutual Recognition Agreement(September 26, 2016)
Mutual recognition Level
Tier Definition Etc.

Tier 1

Recognition of the organization and system of the military airworthiness authority

Mutual boarding of a military aircraft

Tier 2

Recognition of the ability to perform military airworthiness certification work

Mutual maintenance of a military aircraft

Tier 3

Recognition of the type certification of military aircraft

Mutual recognition of military airworthiness certificates

<Mutual recognition Level>

Mutual Recognition Case in Civil Aviation

  • The International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) convention requires countries to recognize each other's aviation safety
    standards. An example of this is the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement(BASA) between the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA)
    of the United States and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) of Korea.

When two countries determine that they have equivalent safety systems in the field of civil aviation safety, they cooperate to accept and
simplify the certification process for aircraft-related products of the other country, based on mutual trust

Mutual Recognition Process (percentage of completion basis)

  • Mutual recognition
  • Organizing a recognition
    evaluation team(15%)
  • Signing recognition plan (25%)
  • Exchange Military Airworthiness
    Recognition Question set
    (MARQ) (35%)
  • Reviewing counterpart's
    MARQ answers(50%)
  • On-site inspection and
    face-to-face discussion (65%)
  • Preparing an evaluation report
  • Review and approval
    of evaluation report (95%)
  • Signing and exchanging
    certificates of recognition (100%)

Mutual Recognition Agreement(MRA) Signed Countries

  • U.S. (2016, renewal of 2020)
  • Spain (2019, renewal of 2023)
  • France DSAÉ (2022)
  • Australia (2022)
Korea-France DSAÉ Mutual Recognition Certification Signing Ceremony image
[Korea-France DSAÉ
Mutual Recognition Certification Signing Ceremony (’22. 9. 20.)]

Countries in progress of negotiating the MRA

  • Korea - NATO
  • Korea - France DGA
  • Korea - Colombia
  • Korea - Indonesia
  • Korea - Poland
Korea-NATO Mutual Recognition Plan Signed image
[Korea-NATO Mutual Recognition Plan Signed (’23. 6. 21.)]