Force Improvement Program Procedures

  1. 01
    Joint Chiefs of Staff/Ministry of National Defense image
    Services / Agencies
    • Capability Needs Identified
    Joint Chiefs of Staff / Ministry of National Defense
    • Requirement
      Generated / Determined
    • Joint Strategic Objective Plan
  2. 02
    dapa image
    dapa symbol
    • Preliminary Research
    • Acquisition Strategy Developed Acquisition Method Determined (R&D or Purchase)
    • Request for drafted Midterm Defense Plan and Formulated Budget
  3. 03
    Ministry of National Defense (Joint Chiefs of Staff) image
    Ministry of National Defense (Joint Chiefs of Staff) symbol
    Ministry of National Defense(Joint Chiefs of Staff)
    • Test and Evaluation
  4. 04
    Services image
    • Operation and Maintenance (Services)
    • Disposal (Ministry of National Defense / Services)