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Weapon System Acquisition

From high-tech weaponry acquisition to food supplies for military personnel, DAPA is in charge of defensive strength improvement, military supplies and defense industry promotion, and has opened up a new horizon of the defense industry in Republic of Korea. We also expand exports, and lead defense projects to a new economic motive power, using creation of the civil sector, and lead the creative economy with job creation. We strengthen the basis of Republic of Korea’s combat power with thorough project implementation that people can rely on, and promise to maintain solid security as well as to jump forward as a leader of creative economy.

Procedure for weapon system acquisition

Weapon system refers to the integration between weapons for combat power at war scenes, such as guided weapons, aircraft and naval ships, and various matters such as equipment, components, facilities and software if necessary, and it is followed by a presidential decree. The procedure for this weapon system acquisition is operated by the following.

Procedure for weapon system acquisition


DAPA opens up a new horizon of defense industry with the absolute foundation of security and creative economy.

  • Mission1 Optimal weapon system acquisition

    DAPA promises the best national security with the optimal weapon system acquisition.

    The basic of national security is weapon systems. Today, especially, advanced scientific technology has been developed, thus acquiring optimal weapon systems is crucial for security. DAPA establishes policies and plans to provide our military with excellent weapons at proper times for their mission-protection of the national security, or produces weapons through R&D and supplies them by purchase.

  • Mission2 Reinforcement of defense exports

    The national economy shows signs of life with export activation of high-tech weapon system

    Although overall countries are reducing their defense spending day by day, the demand for weaponry in certain regions such as Southeast Asia and Central and South America is increasing. DAPA is finding those rising new niche markets and increasing defense exports. In addition, our high value-added weapon system export, T-50 and submarines, based on advanced technology has been greatly increased far beyond the export of relatively simple products including ammunition and components of the past. DAPA is not a burden on the national economy but an important means that creates new economic value. DAPA will constantly contribute to the national economy through enhancing defense exports based on advanced technology.

  • Mission3 Defense company support

    Competitiveness of the defense industry grows together with co-existence between major and small to mid-size companies.

    At one time, companies in the defense industry operated exclusively and monopolistically which caused some problems and produced products with low quality and high prices to be manufactured and delivered, and new enterprise was hardly able to participate in projects. To address those harmful effects, DAPA supports customized consulting service to enhance the competitiveness of small and mid-size companies and extend opportunities for them to participate in projects. Furthermore, as defense exporting is very active recently, DAPA supports the enhancement of professional capability of major companies to cope with global competition, and constantly establishes and implements policies for balanced development to coexist with small/mid-size and major companies.

  • Mission4 Defense technology protection

    Our valuable high-tech defense technology should be kept as secure as possible.

    The leak of defense technology is a critical problem that can cause a serious national security crisis and huge loss of national interest. With the increase of defense export size and the number of export partners, the risk is increasing day by day that our defense technology could be leaked to hostile countries or terrorist groups. Furthermore, due to the deepening competition of international defense markets, developed countries require protection for their technology that was exported to us and they intensify checks on ours. Therefore, it is an urgent matter that we should build up the institutional foundation to protect our world-class defense technology and the system that comprehends and manages the target technology to be protected. DAPA has newly established a defense technology protection organization and created a government-wide cooperation system as well as continuously working to protect the defense technology, securing international confidence through active movement at the international export control regime.

  • Mission5 Efficient management of project

    Manages all procedures of weapon acquisition through IPT

    For effective management of the entire process of weapon system acquisition, DAPA organizes and operates an Integrated Product Team (IPT). The person who is in charge of each unit project establishes planning, draws up a budget, decides the model, negotiates, manages the contract and quality assurance and performs technical management so that every unit project can be managed throughout the entire process. As the IPT consisting of professionals fitting in each project feature manages all the procedures of the project with responsibility and authority for it, the IPT can maximize the effectiveness of project promotion and play a role as the center of the defense capacity improvement that requires transparency and fairness.

  • Mission6 Weapon development

    Takes the lead in high quality weapon system development based on advanced specialties and creative passion.

    DAPA takes the lead to raise an advanced strong elite army through the realization of a technology-oriented advanced defense project that secures high-tech weaponry development capability. As our ancestors had reinforced the national defense capacity through various weapon system research and development, such as the gunpowder manufacturing process developed by Choi Mu-seon during the Korea Dynasty, a new weapon in the Joseon Dynasty, Shingigeon, Turtle Ship, the cruiser developed by Yi Sun-shin, other various firearms, strong arrows, and Bigyeokjincheolloe, similar to a time bomb, DAPA will develop and acquire the best weapon system, strengthen the national defense capacity, and always try to protect our people and our land.