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As a special agency for national defense acquisition,
DAPA devotes its passion to the national security of Republic of Korea.

DAPA was created to reform the national defense acquisition field. It was established on January 1, 2006, to enhance the transparency and to block the vicious cycle of corruption related to acquisition, through fundamental reformation of the defense acquisition field. DAPA is a special agency for national defense and is in charge of projects related to military supplies and defense industry promotion centering on defense acquisition improvement projects. It is going through continuous change and development toward a world-class defense acquisition agency, while thoroughly strengthening the basis of security in Republic of Korea.

Clearly Fairly Expertly DAPA continues with changes and challenges toward the world’s first class.

DAPA consists of four bureaus, three departments, and two agencies including the Agency for Defense Development and the Defense Technology Quality Board. Through the Defense Project Promotion Committee, with the minister of National Defense as chairman, we discuss and adjust project promotion methods and model decisions and implement defense capacity improvement project effectively.

Project promotion procedure is institutionalized to make decisions with consultation among the Ministry of National Defense, R.O.K Joint Chiefs of Staff and each armed force. From advanced research to evaluation of force integration, it has gone through continuous change and development to enhance expertise and effectiveness in each step of budget execution. Furthermore, DAPA thoroughly complies with the principles of transparency, effectiveness and expertise, retains defense industrial competitiveness, and maximizes national defense research and development so that its foundation for cooperative self-reliant defense realization can be consolidated.


Acquisition planning

  • Overall management of policy and planning of defense capacity improvement project and system development
  • Policy on national defense R&D and its system development
  • International joint R&D and cooperation for its acquisition
  • Intermediate range plan of defense improvement project and its budget formulation

Defense industry promotion and export cooperation

  • Establishment of defense industry promotion policy
  • Establishment of import and export policy on defense industry supplies
  • Establishment of defense cost price policy and system development
  • Quality control and localization of principal components

Analysis, testing and evaluation

  • Establishment of policy on analysis, testing and evaluation of defense improvement project
  • Analysis assessment of defense improvement project and its cost analysis
  • Ground, marine and air testing and evaluation
  • Establishment of authentication policy on military aircraft and system development

Defense improvement project management

  • Advanced research by project and establishment of basic strategy for project promotion
  • Intermediate range plan by project, drawing up its budget and budget execution result analysis
  • Organization of negotiating team for purchasing project and planning for negotiation
  • Review on results of force integration evaluation

Military supplies and contract management

  • Cost assessment and management for military supplies
  • Contract and procurement for military supplies
  • Military standardization management