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New Tomorrow DAPA

DAPA was established on January 1, 2005, with principles of transparency, effectiveness and specialty, and creates a new tomorrow realizing an independent national defense. scroll down

DAPA creates new tomorrows

At the lead of technical innovation is Future Creation Technology

Future creation technology will reorganize current industrial structure and technology so that we can meet a whole new market and society. It will also change our lives fundamentally and create new added value and service as well which will be an important source of economic development and welfare society

39.2% of the national defense budget 5.8% of government finances

10trillion a year

Tomorrow’s hope, defense exports export for Tomorrow

The amount of defense exports in 2012 showed an increase of 9.4 times from the first year, suggesting that export items haver been diversified and modernized from existing ammunition and components tho a higher value-added weapon system based on advanced technology such as T-50, submarines, and so on. Furthermore, the most distinctive feature is that it’s target market for export has diversified to the new market in Europe and South America other than the traditional Asian and Mideast regions.

2.5 > 23.5
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From high-tech weaponry acquisition to food supplies for military personnel, DAPA is in charge of defensive strength improvement, military supplies and defense industry promotion, and has opened up a new horizon of the defense industry in Republic of Korea. We also expand exports, and lead defense projects to a new economic motive power, using creation of the civil sector, and lead the creative economy with job creation. We strengthen the basis of Republic of Korea’s combat power with thorough project implementation that people can rely on, and promise to maintain solid security as well as to jump forward as a leader of creative economy.

  • Mission1Optimal weapon system acquisition
  • Mission2Enhancement of defense exports
  • Mission3Defense enterprise support
  • Mission4Defense technology protection
  • Mission5Efficient management of project
  • Mission6Weapon development


We are always awake for national security in Republic of Korea. We also develop the creative economy for the new strategic projects that contribute to job creation. DAPA will continually change and be one step ahead for happy companionship of solid security and creative economy.